Joel Cohen
The Simpsons:
There's no "I" in "Innovation" (oh wait, there's actually two of them)
Lessons in innovation from the most successful show in TV history
Joel Cohen is an absolutely hilarious, deadpan, quick-on-his feet speaker...perfect for any group that needs to enhance their innovation culture, but who prefer to laugh a little (okay, a lot) while learning how. Armed with inspired anecdotes and clips, he takes you into the fabled writer's room at The Simpsons to draw the links - and there are many - between maintaining a hit show and running a successful company. He asks, and then brilliantly answers, questions essential to the success of any industry. How do you manage group dynamics to get the best from your talent? How do you find, evaluate, implement, and even discard, new ideas? How do you chart a renewable path to innovation? And how do you overcome creative log jams?  (Note: for actual, literal logjams, Cohen recommends a chainsaw...or even better, hiring a guy with a chainsaw).
Joel Cohen
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