The Science of Great Decision-Making
In this critically important presentation, Rebecca uses science to explore how we can use new systems, new skills and new technology tools to combat complexity and become better leaders.
Rebecca shows how the to differentiate between fact-based and belief-based decision-making, delves into the power of learning and knowledge, explores new systems for failure-tolerant breakthroughs, and discusses the revolutionary technology advances, including predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and many more that are making it possible to pinpoint future results with tremendous accuracy.  The result is what Costa calls “predaptation”: the ability to adapt before the fact.
For leaders moving forward, this can easily be one of the most important speeches you will ever experience.

Healthcare on the Verge
Every day, healthcare professionals face pressures to increase efficiency and reduce costs while simultaneously providing the highest quality of individualized care possible. But do these objectives compete with one another? According to Rebecca Costa, technologies ranging from genomics, robotics, facial recognition software and nano-sensors, to Big Data and quantum computing, mobile phone diagnostics and virtual reality are raising the bar for quality care while freeing healthcare professionals to work more effectively.
Costa shows how these technologies are not only being deployed to rapidly diagnose and tailor patient treatment, but also to monitor and preempt danger. For example, we can now predict a person is going to trip and fall within the next three weeks with 86 percent accuracy. And we are equally adept at identifying patients who are predisposed to opioid addiction, specific cancers, diabetes and near-term heart-attacks and strokes. As predictive analytics becomes ever more precise, the opportunity to head off many healthcare crises increases. Costa refers to this phenomena as predaptation—the ability to adapt to the future before it even happens. In this presentation, she highlights how predaptation and technology will transform healthcare, enabling it to raise the bar on both quality and effectiveness.
Rebecca Costa
Rebecca Costa
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