Deborah Perry Piscione

"Deborah, thank you for speaking to our global leads, and it was by far, the most valuable insights into Silicon Valley, innovation and the region's economic prowess."
          - Accenture
"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation. I tremendously enjoyed the way you presented: clear, to the point and in a very energetic way. Thanks again for a truly engaging performance and for coming the long way!"
          - Innotown
"In her presentation, Deborah drilled down for us what it is going to take to create risk-taking cultures and what organizations are going to need in order to succeed in this economy."
          - Council of Foreign Relations
"One of the best speakers we've encountered in innovation process.  It was Deborah's talk that made us transform our global innovation team and practices."
          - Phillip Morris International
"Deborah was all that we expected.  Her unique vision of innovation and leadership is exactly what the World Business Forum needed."
          - WOBI (HSM)
"We brought in Deborah to speak to 100 manufacturing CEOs as part of our innovation series, and her lessons were a hit.  Without a doubt, we are bringing her back."
          - Tecnologico de Monterrey 
"I could not be happier with the choice to have her come to our event. She really impressed me and it was the general consensus among our students that she really stood her ground and represented women very well. She was so pleasant to work with and was so readily able to accommodate us. She truly shined." 
          - Northeastern University
"Deborah was a great asset to our client event. She connected with our audience immediately, took questions and spent time with many of the members afterward. She took considerable time to learn about the company and its audience, making the content as relevant as possible. This proved extremely valuable in her presentation the day of the event."
          - The Learning Studio
"We so enjoyed having you as our speaker. Great comments are still coming in!"
         - Georgia Dept. of Economic Development
Deborah Perry Piscione
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