Joel Cohen
"Just a brief note to again thank you for a great presentation at IBM'S IMPACT Conference in Orlando.  All of the feedback's been extremely positive.  It was great to work with you and I hope to do it again soon.  Thanks again for a job well done."
          - IBM & Drury Design Dynamics
"Joel was great and better still he is a lovely guy. His presentation was to an audience of about 800 people and he was well received. So much so that I believe he was considered the best speaker of the two day event...which meant DDB was also shown in a good light."
          - DDB Group Asia Pacific
"Everyone had a great time and very much enjoyed your time with us.  Thank you for making an otherwise boring sales meeting very much brighter. "
         - AOL
"In the 27 years I have been arranging speakers for this organization, I have not enjoyed a presentation as much as I personally enjoyed Joel's. He was absolutely fantastic, funny, and engaging, and we've gotten great feedback from attendees. Thanks for your recommendation."
         - The Economic Club of Grand Rapids
"I just wanted to tell you that yours was the funniest presentation I've ever seen in my life. Judy and I were the most cynical bastards in that room and we were pissing ourselves. My favorite was the Ikea bit. I loved it because I was thinking at first that it wasn't as funny as the other stuff but then you kept going and going and going. Effing genius."
          - Institute of Communication Agencies
"Just a short note to thank you so much for your  presentation last week and all the running around you did for press opportunities.  Much appreciated!   Your keynote was fun and relevant to our members.. in addition, with times like this, it was fabulous to inject some humour into the room and leave people laughing.  All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed it!"
          - Arido
Joel Cohen
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