Robert Safian
Thanks Bob!  Such a pleasure to meet you and learn from you.  Your presentation was fabulous and engaging, and everyone was talking positively about it yesterday afternoon, evening, and again today at breakfast.  Well done!"
          - VP, United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation
"Robert Safian was the perfect speaker for our Leadership and High Performance Conference.  The audience loved him."
          - Conference Director, HSM
"Yesterday's appearance was fantastic! Bob was a pleasure to meet and see in action. An interesting presentation and audience participation was exactly what VMware was looking for and they got it. He stayed and additional hour listening to the following panel discussion before departing."
          - Event Planner, VMware
"Bob Safian was an excellent speaker at our annual meeting. His keynote really resonated with our audience because of his intimate knowledge of events and the challenges that our attendees face on a day-to-day basis. His thought-provoking session provided valuable insight, allowing our audience to immediately connect with him. It was the perfect kickoff to start our annual event."
         - CEO, Intl. Assn. of Exhibitions & Events
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for delivering such a thought-provoking experience at our Leadership Forum this week. In talking to my team, it was clear that they heard your message. A "Fast Company" must relentlessly question, collaborate and challenge assumptions. Thank you again for reminding us to use a wide lens on our work."
          - President, Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
"Great Job Again!  And he was so wonderful to work with.  It no secret why we keep coming back to him."
          - Senior Event Producer, August Jackson
"Thank you Bob for making our Sales Kickoff Meeting a huge success."
          - Event Marketing Director, Abbott
"Thank you so much for speaking at our event this past week. We appreciated the great start to a great thought-provoking day that all of our guests truly enjoyed.  We hope to work with you again on future events."
          - Client Engagement Director, MetTel 
“Thanks again for joining us in Paris for the talk. I've received some very nice feedback on the sessions
Global Director of Marketing & Communication, Oliver Wyman
"U did a phenomenal job. Loved your discussions and perspectives. Spectacular."
          - Director, KPMG
Robert Safian
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